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Magnetic pulse Therapies

There is a growing interest in alternative healing. It is not some new "latest thing", but something that has been known for some time, but it was never given much attention: the application of magnetic pulses to biological bodies kills microbes, makes the bodily cells more healthy, activates the healing processes in the body and even restores damaged tissues into healthy tissue. Although there have been some scientific experiments that point to the efficacy of magnetic pulse therapies, it is still in its beginning. There is not that much information available, and not that many people have used it on themselves for health benefits. From the legal point of view, one can use a magnetic pulser on oneself for experimental purposes and talk about one's experiences with it. But one cannot claim any health benefits, or cures, when selling a magnetic pulser. So this article is primarily for informational purposes.

There are some sophisticated magnetic pulse machines around, but also some affordable more simple devices that anyone can use by themselves. In the USA you will not find much information about the effectiveness of those pulsers because the FDA forbid the sale of them if any mention is made of their effect on the human body. So one has to look around what the scientific literature tells us about the effect of magnetic pulses on the human body, and what people who have used them on themselves (it is legally only allowed as an experimental device) tell us all the good things that happened to them when they use a magnetic pulser. In short, you have to do your homework. If you decide to experiment on yourself with a magnetic pulser, several types are offered for sale on the internet, usually without any reference to healing. Here and there you can find anecdotes and tales of people cured themselves with pulsers. So you have to put it all together yourself.

Before going into the affordable smaller magnetic pulsers available to individuals, I want to mention the Papimi device, invented by Greek physicist Dr. Panos Papas. Papimi is is a non-invasive electro-magnetic device which produces a series of strong but extremely short broadband magnetic pulses. A pulsed electro-magnetic field emanates from the Papimi's flexible conductive loop, which is placed over the areas of the body to be treated. The energy field penetrates deep into the tissues to relieve pain, increase circulation, and help the body heal itself by energizing the cells. As the injured cells of the body are re-energized, the pain signals carried by the nervous system subside, swelling decreases and the range of motion is restored. Toxins are released and nutrients essential to the repair process are absorbed.

Basically, ultra-fast magnetic pulses stimulate the natural electric charge found within every living cell, bringing it back to its normal healthy state. A membrane surrounds each cell in the body, much like an egg shell surrounds the contents of an egg. This membrane controls the exchange of nutrients and minerals going into a cell and disposes of the waste products. A healthy cell's membrane has an electric energy rating of -70 mvolts. With an aged, ill or injured cell, the membrane's electric energy is considerably lower; as low as -50 mvolts. The ability of each cell to exchange materials is severely depressed when the electric energy is low. A cancer cell's membrane has electric energy as low as -15 mvolts - a cell in serious difficulty. Cells are in an inflammatory state and are the sources of pain signals. Enhancing the cell's electric energy restores ability to exchange materials thereby improving cellular function; it reduces inflammation and swelling with a subsequent decrease in pain; and it enhances the immune and reparative functions of the body.

You will have to read the information about the Papimi device on these websites yourself. They are primarily interesting in regards to the effect of magnetic pulses on the body. The Papimi device itself is very expensive, in the tens of thousands of dollars! The smaller magnetic pulsers available on the internet are only a couple of hundred dollars and their mode of operation is very similar. Nevertheless the Papimi websites give you a good idea what it is all about. Let me also add that you should read them in a critical and down-to-earth manner, as the language used is a bit hyped up.

When a magnetic field is created, any metal in the presence of that field will create an electric current. If it is a metal wire, the current will flow in one direction; if it is a metal disk, the current will flow throughout the disk (it is called an "eddy current"). This only happens when the magnetic field rises to its maximum or falls to its minimum. The faster the magnetic current rises or falls, the more current is generated. A static magnetic field does generate any current. The creation of an electric current also happens in any fluid that can conduct current. And biological cells all have salts, ions and minerals in it, making it ideal for an electric current. By nature, every healthy cell produces by itself a tiny electric current. If its ability to produce this tiny electric current drops, the cell gets sick. Magnetic pulsers generate tiny electric currents in the cells, thereby stimulating the cells to its optimum function, but more importantly it will disable pathogens, like viruses and bacteria. Apparently, the current inactivates certain proteins of the pathogens, which will then die off.  It is an interesting way of killing for example a virus inside a cell without damaging the cell. This looks very promising for cancer. This way the virus in a cancer cell will die but the cancerous cell itself does not die off. On the contrary, at the same time the cancerous cell will be stimulated to become a healthy cell again.

In the USA, the FDA forbid the sale of magnetic pulsers if it is combined with any claim of health benefits, not even testimonials. At the same time, as of October 8, 2008, a TMS device (Transcranial magnetic stimulation), NeuroStar, manufactured by Neuronetics Inc. has been approved for use by the FDA for use in adult patients with major depression who have previously tried medication and not improved satisfactorily. In other words, a magnetic pulser only to be used by prescription within the medical industry.

Outside of the medical establishment magnetic pulsers are not allowed to be used on humans for health purposes, but it is totally legal to use it on animals. Magnetic pulsers are presently used on horses. These devices have a stronger output and come with special straps and blankets to treat race horses for various injuries. There is big money in horse racing, and trainers give their horses pulsed magnetic therapy to gain an edge on the track. Benefits include faster recovery time from sports injuries, improved blood flow, improved nerve regeneration, and faster wound and fracture healing.

What magnetic pulsers are available?
* The Papimi device mentioned earlier is well above the price range of most people.
* A widely sold magnetic pulser is being made by the Sota company; it is based on the Bob beck pulser. Bob beck was a pioneer in healing the human body with electric and electromagnetic devices. This pulser is a DC pulser. It means that when the capacitor discharges, a DC current is generated through the coil. This results in the coil having a north pole on one side and a south pole at the other side. Also, when the capacitor discharges it creates only one pulse (about one per 5 seconds).
* The Magnetic Pulse Generator, the M-Pulse 5000 , is an oscillating pulser. With every discharge of the capacitor, the circuit oscillates (5000 times per second). The Papimi is also an oscillating pulser. It is thought that oscillating magnetic fields are better. With every oscilation a tiny current is generated in the cells in contrast with a DC pulser that only generates one single current with every pulse. The magnetic field of oscillating magnetic pulsers are lower than a DC pulser, but it is the rapid discharge time of the capacitor that which is more important for the creation of the tiny currents in the cells.
* Magnacare in Australia, sells two products, with oscillating magnetic fields, with a couple of selectable frequencies.
* Do you need one for your horse? Gary Wade, a physicist, developed the Horse Magnetic Pulser. he has some articles on his website that might interest you if you want to understand a little more how magnetic pulsers work.

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