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Dr. Robert C. Beck Protocols

Total Cancer Remissions through Blood Electrification Combined with Magnetic Pulsing plus Silver Colloid Ingestion

My archives contain a tantalizing report from several decades ago describing an authenticated record of an older man who was struck by lightning, survived, and subsequently grew a third set of teeth and a bushy head of youthful new dark hair. His grossly metastasized, inoperable cancers vanished. He threw away his glasses and cane, and appeared much younger and was totally healthy for the first time ever. This fascinated scientists and years later almost encouraged some highly illegal and bizarre human experiments in an abandoned aircraft hangar in Wendover, Utah where Tesla coil research with ball lightning was underway. The incident generated wide speculation but few insights at the time. This mystery remained sleeping until 1990 when an astounding discovery was reported at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC by Drs. Kaali and Wyman. Not surprisingly, these data were apparently immediately suppressed. (See Science News; Mar. 30, '91 pg. 207; and LongevIty: Dec.' 92 pg. 14.)

As a totally unexpected and unpredictable outcome of my self-funded research since 1991 into "blood electrification" with micro currents for AIDS (currently showing excellent results) a growing number of users previously unknown to me, began independently reporting remarkable "spontaneous remissions" of numerous other diseases Including cancer. Most involved no doctors, medication, or time off. Recoveries occurred after subjects had self-administered an altered do-it-yourself in vivo blood electrification treatment partially described as an In Vitro process in US Patent #5,188,738 issued to Dr. Steven Kaali in ‘93. (This work may have been anticipated twenty years earlier in 1973 by patent # 3,753,886 and by several others dating back to the turn of the century...) We were puzzled to find explanations. This preliminary report offers one possible theory. The magnetic pulser success with Cancer was independently proven in 1984 and described in US Patent #4,665,898 and eleven other independent researchers and patents going back over fifty years.

The Einstein disclosure describes removing blood from one arm, electrifying it, and returning it to the other arm in a process similar to dialysis. It also describes surgically implanted active electrode chambers containing miniature batteries sewn inside blood vessels. This author's preferred approach leaves all blood in the body, is totally non-invasive, costs practically nothing and is safely accomplished in about a month with ~two hours per day exposures as one goes about his normal activities. It handles most pathogens while blood flows naturally through the ~60cc volume of the electrified forearm's ulnar branch arteries from elbow to wrist. Without medications, invasive techniques or doctors, most pathogens, viruses, microbes, parasites and fungi just tend to disappear. Progress can be easily observed with dark-field and phase-contrast microscopy. The entire process and simple apparatus is fully described in my '91 paper and recent issues of Explore. (Vol. 7 #1.) Also simple instructions for self-made silver colloids of far better quality than you can usually buy are given. You can turn any glass of tap or distilled water into a 3 ppm top quality colloid in about two minutes anywhere with a shirt pocket battery-operated instrument.

To date many "spontaneous remissions" of dozens of "incurable" illnesses including HIV have been reported by users and researchers of this "blood purification" when combined with ingestion of pennies-per-gallon instantly self-made silver colloid. Since none of dozens of friends using these apparent miracles has experienced infections, colds, flu, pneumonia, or lost a single day's productivity in over three years, evidence strongly suggests restored immune systems or dramatically improved blood functioning. It is also fascinating to note that several pet owners report their cats now refuse to drink water if silver colloid is not added. Trips to veterinarians with previously recurring infections were cut dramatically.

It has long been known that dissections of cadavers dying of natural causes reveal many have had cancer several times during their lifetime resulting in "spontaneous remissions" generally without their knowledge and without ever visiting a doctor. An optimally functioning immune system somehow "handles" diseases of which the subject seldom becomes aware. Several promising broad-spectrum natural immunological agents like interferon and interleukin are produced by healthy Immune systems but would cost thousands for patients with already overloaded or "shut down" defenses although many such neuropeptides could speed cures. Other respected researchers describe "pleomorphic" forms of cancer pathogens which evolve through several stages- even mycotoxin involvement- all of which surrender to blood cleaning. In spite of dozens of theories offered, most diseases disappear with these simple, rapid, inexpensive in-vivo do-it-yourself tools.

Electrification is now being successfully used underground around the world. One Eastern MD claims numerous documented cancer cures by using only blood electrification and no surgery, radiation, drugs or chemotherapy. Many were considered terminal. We're even seeing clean blood tests of now healthy patients with previously long-standing Lupus. We have in our possession many IRB’s showing complete HIV remissions, seroconversions, and negative PCR tests.

The most reasonable theory of why electrification is so surprisingly effective for so many conditions lies in the now-proven fact that when correctly applied directly into blood (not into other body tissue like palms of hands, soles of feet, or organs) it neutralizes all microbes, pathogens, fungi, parasites, viruses, bacteria, mycotoxins and coexisting foreign life-forms and alien invaders and their by-products.

into skin to produce the required 50 to 100 microamperes internally through blood after the inevitable series resistance losses through vessel walls plus several layers of tissue. Electrical currents in blood can be measured with an ac microamp meter by IR drop using partially insulated hypodermic needles inserted ~6 inches apart into the same artery. Clark’s "syncro zap" running at her standard 30 khz (considered many octaves too high to be effective) actually measures only ~2.6V peak to peak under load (~2000 ohms) at palms. This is an order of magnitude too low to have any real effect beyond placebo.

The syncro-zapper's current is unmeasurable directly in the blood and physically cannot produce the essential 50 to 100 mA required internally. This may only mask readouts of parasite presence radionically. Unfortunately the live bugs remain undisturbed and are still there and will still be observed in stool and microscopic blood diagnosis. To function at all, electrification requires cotton-covered saltwater saturated stainless steel electrodes never over 3/32" wide and 1" long. These must be carefully positioned directly over and precisely in line with arterial pulse points on opposite sides of the same wrist. This maximizes current into blood by not wasting it in surrounding tissue. Square or round TENS, EKG, EEG, EMG, etc. electrodes work only marginally and should never be substituted.

Preferred instrument pulse-repetition rate is ~4 Hz biphasic with steep rise time and 50% duty cycle. Rate is not critical although much higher frequencies and certainly higher harmonics of the essential square wave output are degraded by "skin effect" where currents travel around the outside of body instead of internally. This is demonstrated by lighting a bulb in one hand while touching a Tesla coil with the other and not getting shocked. Electrification causes no known harmful side effects to healthy cells or tissue. A restored and unencumbered immune system may make one almost immortal I Electrified blood cells are observed to live for well over a month when sealed under cover slips on microscope slides while the average life of "normal blood is ~4 days. This strongly suggests that even aging bodies may easily and rapidly be made impervious to many hostile, toxic, infectious, antibiotic-resistant and even yet undiscovered invaders. The subject is barely scratched with miracles being reported regularly ranging from dramatic weight loss to restored hair, feature symmetry (Prof. R. Thornhill, Univ. N. Mexico), etc., many of which were totally unexpected but that I have personally experienced or observed. Take back your power! This works!

By Walter Last

Electro-therapies utilise low voltage electric micro-currents in the blood and body tissues to disable a wide range of microbes, including viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. With this, they have been shown to be remarkably effective with all kinds of diseases and conditions. In addition, very short bursts of a strong magnetic field are used to treat infected lymph glands, tumours and other parts of the body that may contain pockets of pathogenic microbes or cancer cells.

Various patents have been issued for such devices and scientific papers published with the results. Tests conducted with the AIDS virus in the laboratory show that the ability of the virus to infect human T cells is reduced in direct proportion to the product of the magnitude of the current and the time to which the virus is exposed. The current ranged from 0 to 100 microamperes (uA), exposure time was up to 12 minutes.

In a study on herpes treatment of the mouth and genitals the average duration of untreated lesions was 8.5 days, for medically treated lesions 5.5 days and for electrically treated lesions 6 hours. Also the Epstein Barr virus in chronic fatigue syndrome and hepatitis were mentioned as potentially being reversed.

An oscillating magnetic field between 1 and 100 Tesla in strength has been used with similar good results to kill microbes in food samples or living tissue. When treating humans and animals the field strength commonly ranged from 2 to 5 Tesla. One Tesla is equivalent to 10,000 Gauss or 10 K Gauss. In an experiment with mammary cancer tumours in rats after 6 days of treatment 15 out of 18 showed tumour shrinkage while the remaining 3 had a growth interruption.

In an experiment at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in 1990 it was shown that currents between 50 and 100 uA seem to alter the outer protein layer of HIV viruses so that they can no longer attach to receptor sites on white blood cells and they also lost the ability to reproduce. It has been stated that HIV positive users of electro-therapy can expect a negative p24 surface antigen or PCR test after 30 days.

R. Sandyk and others published numerous papers in the International Journal of Neuroscience on the positive effects of magnetic fields on neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Commonly very weak (Pico-Tesla Range) pulsating fields were applied directly to the top of the head.


Even bites from poisonous snakes have been neutralised with electrotherapies without any negative after-effects as published in the Lancet (July 26, 1986, page 229). In this case as in many others published on the Internet an outboard motor or lawn mover or even a car was used to cause a strong shock. As outlined in the Lancet article, the bitten limb is electrically grounded as close to the bite as possible and current is applied via an insulated probe to the bite for 1-2 seconds. Usually 4 or 5 shocks are given with 5 to 10 seconds between them. A lead carrying an insulated probe is attached to the (a) spark plug and the engine started at half-throttle.

When the current was applied within 30 minutes of the bite, all pain was gone within minutes and no swelling or other negative effect developed in the 34 reported cases. When the treatment was given after 2 hours, the intense pain disappeared in 30 minutes and the already existing swelling gradually went down over a 3-day period. For greater convenience the reporting hospital in Ecuador eventually used a modified stun gun for treatments. Also bites of venomous spiders, scorpions and others have been successfully treated in this way. It is mentioned in the Lancet article that this treatment does not stimulate the myocardial muscle, meaning that it is not dangerous for the heart (but this is not a guarantee).

I understand that the active probe must be well insulated otherwise it may cause a nasty burn. A safer alternative may be to use a Beck-type magnetic pulser. I applied it to tick bites and it helped but do not know if it is strong enough for snakebites. Also doubts have been expressed whether the electric shock treatment is effective for snakes with nerve poisons, such as the Australian taipan. The published cases were with snakes that emit blood poisons. However, it should be alright to try electric shock and possibly an electric zapper in addition to very high doses of vitamin C, provided other appropriate treatment is used in addition without much delay.

Electronic Zapper

There are two types of electronic zapper commercially available, the Hulda Clark zapper and the Robert Beck zapper. Both appear to eliminate all kinds of parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses including the cancer microbe. They do this with low-voltage pulsed electric currents. The Clark zapper operates with a 9 V square wave positive offset current at a high pulse frequency of about 30,000 Hz. The Beck zapper uses 27 to 36 V and a low frequency of about 4 Hz, but experimental units may have an additional frequency of 100 Hz.

It appears that microbes are not outright killed by the mild electric current but rather changed in such a way that they are prevented from multiplying. The Beck zapper works mainly to disable microbes in the blood and is often called a blood purifier. The Clark zapper, because of its lower voltage and higher frequency, seems to work mainly on the outer layers of the body.

With the Clark zapper you hold an electrode in each hand through which a modulated 9 V current flows with a positive offset frequency. To establish a firm contact, rub your palms with salty water and hold the electrodes very firmly. Alternatively, wrap the electrodes in absorbent paper or cloth moistened with salted water. With weak grip strength the best contact results by dipping each hand or foot in a bowl of salted water together with a partly immersed electrode, but not if any electronics are in the handle. After the last treatment of the day rinse your hands and/or feet under running water to remove any static electricity.

With a local infection or tumour also press the electrodes on both sides close to the problem area or one electrode besides a problem area and the other in the opposite hand. The negative electrode, commonly attached to a black wire, tends to sting on sensitive skin. As with magnets, it can be important in which hand you hold a particular electrode; otherwise one may feel weaker after zapping. It will usually be best to hold the negative electrode on that side of the body where the tumour, pain, infection or inflammation is located and the positive electrode with the red wire in the other hand. You may also try muscle testing to find the best electrode placement: Have someone gently press down your raised, outstretched arm while holding the electrodes one way and then the other. Use the electrodes as for the stronger test.

The normal treatment schedule is seven minutes three times daily. The second zapping should follow 20 - 30 minutes after the first one and the third one after a similar interval. The first zapping is to kill unshielded parasites and microbes. Dead parasites release further bacteria, which are killed with the second zapping, and these then release viruses that are eliminated the third time. After a period of zapping it is advisable to ensure the re-establishment of beneficial rather than harmful gut microbes by taking acidophilus and bifidus cultures. The zapper may be used in addition to the Hulda Clark parasite herbs.

While I found the Clark zapper useful and have no doubt that it works, I now believe that the Beck zapper is even better, especially in conditions where the blood is infested with microbes or parasites. It appears that with the Clark zapper the current travels mostly over the skin due to its high frequency, while the Beck zapper is specifically designed to electrify and purify the blood, therefore it is properly called a 'blood purifier'. With the Beck zapper the small electrodes are fastened directly over the arteries, where you feel a pulse, on one forearm or near the ankle on each foot. As with the Hulda Clark zapper, I also recommend using it on both sides of tumours or areas of infection or inflammation. The present recommendation is to use the zapper for 2 hours daily and this should eliminate all harmful microbes and parasites in the blood within a month or two, including the AIDS virus.

Possibly the best features of the Beck and Clark zappers could be combined by developing a 27 V zapper with a square wave positive offset current and a low 4, 8 or 100 Hz frequency, perhaps with a frequency selector. Different waveforms and frequencies seem to have different effects. You may also experiment with different metals as electrodes. Commonly electrodes are used with moistened cotton sleeves. In this case only stainless steel or gold-plated electrodes are suitable, as copper or silver do more easily oxidize.

Nevertheless, in addition to electrodes with cotton sleeves you may also have sets of copper and silver electrodes to be used directly on the moistened skin. Try the copper electrodes directly on areas of inflammation and the silver electrodes on places of infection. With a throat infection, for instance, you may tape an electrode to each side of the throat and with arthritis an electrode each on opposite sides of a painful joint. However, copper and silver oxidize easily and need to be cleaned with fine sandpaper between applications. Also gold electrodes could be used directly on the skin. Edgar Cayce said in one reading that silver and gold, used properly, could double the present lifespan of humans. All this is an important new field for research. However, this way one needs to be more careful to avoid burning the skin. Also watch that the skin between the electrodes is dry. After zapping or using electrical appliances on the body it is preferable to rinse the hands under running water to remove static electricity from the body.

Dr Beck, a retired electrical engineer, warns that cells may take up drugs and herbal medicines at a much higher rate during the actual zapping due to a process called electroporation, and that this may cause drug overdosing. Therefore he recommended originally not to use drugs and other potentially dangerous remedies, including raw garlic, during the weeks and months of treatment. However, in later interviews he has softened his stand and advised to cautiously try out if drugs can be continued without a problem and to take any drugs or potentially dangerous remedies just after the daily zapping rather than beforehand. As I understand it, there is no firm evidence that electroporation occurs with the electronic zapper, and I believe Dr Beck just wants to cover himself by being cautious. On the other hand, if electroporation should occur, then it would be good to ingest beneficial remedies beforehand that do not pose a potential overdose problem. Electroporation is mainly possible at the very low frequencies but does not seem to occur at 100 Hz or higher frequencies.


In addition, Dr Beck also designed a magnetic pulser to treat infected lymph glands and other sites of infection, tumours and other parts of the body with poor blood supply. A strong but very short magnetic pulse (20 K Gauss or higher) induces a tiny current in the cells and body fluids up to 10 or 20 cm into the body. There is evidence that this is not only effective in eliminating microbes, parasites and cancer cells, but also to recharge and rejuvenate weak body cells. I found it useful for pain relief. Often there is a healing reaction or a series of healing reactions whereby old health problems flare up for a short period before final healing takes place. This is a hallmark of all true healing methods.

Root-canal filled teeth appear to be a major contributing factor in many health problems, especially cancer, heart disease and auto-immune diseases. This is due to microbes multiplying in the multitude of tiny canals or tubuli in the dentine and gradually leaching out into the lymph system. Until now the only solution was the removal of such dead teeth but problems might still persist from the infection having spread to the jawbone. The microbes in dead teeth and infected jawbones cannot normally be eliminated with pharmaceutical or natural antibiotics.

Dr Beck claims in an interview that the pulser can eliminate these problems caused by dead teeth. I can confirm from my own experience that a tender abscess on a root that had resisted treatment for years appeared to be healed after several weeks of treatment with the pulser. Nevertheless, I still recommend removing any dead teeth, especially if they are already dead for several years and show signs of deterioration and also in case of cancer, autoimmune diseases and other serious diseases.

With any kind of disease or just to improve your health I recommend to use the pulser frequently or regularly on any area where you suspect an inflammation or infection, be it acute or chronic, swollen lymph glands, on the tonsils and any tooth or jawbone positions that are not obviously completely healthy, e.g. where a tooth has been extracted or where there is a filling or a root pocket or receding gum. In addition pulse all the lymph glands in the neck, armpits and groins. When pulsing directly on a tumour I suggest that this is done only with a strong pulser of about 30 K Gauss or more, especially if the tumour is not close to the surface.

There are other types of much more expensive magnetic pulsers available that may be helpful in stimulating cellular rejuvenation. However, because of their much lower magnetic pulse intensity, they do not appear to inhibit any microbes or parasites but rather may stimulate their growth.

While all Beck-type zappers appear to have basically the same treatment effect, magnetic pulsers, on the other hand, are not created equal. Look for a pulser with a high gauss rating of 30 K Gauss or more. However, it is equally important that the magnetic field builds up very rapidly, and for this strong coil wire is required. When intending to buy a pulser I suggest that you shop around and ask several manufacturers how high a washer jumps from the coil. One foot/30 cm should be the minimum for cancer treatment.

However, there is now also a different type of magnetic pulser available with up to 10 or more pulses per second (see Resources in Australia). It appears to work by creating a pulsing magnetic field rather than just single very short pulses. This is very effective for treating areas of pain and inflammation as well as restoring weak organs and tissues. Instead of directly killing or disabling cancer cells it appears to work by restoring the electric membrane potential of cells to a healthy level. This is presently my favourite.  

Another important aspect is to be aware of the polarity of the coil. One side acts as a magnetic north pole and the other side as a south pole. It is important to use the correct pole as explained in the Appendix below.

For serious and long-standing health problems pulsing has to be continued daily for a long period. Hold the pulser as close as possible to the treated problem area. After about 20 pulses you may move to the next area, in turn treating lymph glands, tumours, tender joints, teeth, organs or any area with an infection. However, remain much longer at major problem areas.

Recently I came across two interesting bits of information. On the magnetic pulser page of the Quantumbalancing website I found the statement that the FDA required them to discourage all individuals from using a pulser on humans. On the same day I heard on the news of another great medical discovery. Apparently Australian Psychiatrists have discovered a new and better cure for depression by using a strong magnetic pulser on the brain. I asked myself if that is another instance of the common medical tactic of trying to monopolise natural cures that they can no longer suppress. Of course, I know that this is not the real reason, which may instead be found in Dr Beck's statement that AIDS and other infections apparently can be easily cured with these electronic instruments.

Dr Beck claims that the combination of using a pulser and a zapper has enabled him to lose over 50 kg in a year without any change in diet or life-style. Also at over 70 years of age his hair returned to its former dark colour. He says that many of his friends are using both instruments more or less daily and in the years since doing this, none of them ever had any cold or other infection. However, Dr Beck recommends combining the electric treatment with the use of colloidal silver and oxygen therapy.

Preferably buy a Beck zapper with attached colloidal silver maker. For sources to buy a zapper and pulser see ads in alternative journals, the Internet or Resources in Australia.

by Walter Last

Colloidal silver has a long history in medicine as a natural antibiotic. It is very effective in killing bacteria, fungi, parasites and apparently also the cancer microbe. However, viruses appear to be killed only when the size of the colloids is very small. No serious side effects from overdosing have been reported.

Colloidal silver is most effective if it comes in direct contact with the microbes. You may gargle with it for a throat or mouth infection, use it directly on skin infections, use it as a douche or in an enema or colonic, or spray-inhale it for lung infections. You may also soak a cloth in colloidal silver and keep it over any tumor that is close to the skin, such as breast tumors. But most colloidal silver, except if made with special high-voltage equipment, is actually ionic silver and forms insoluble and ineffective silver chloride in the stomach. Therefore it is not suitable for treating infections in the blood or internal organs.   

Colloidal silver is commercially available. Commonly the strength of the solution is from five ppm up to 50 ppm in very concentrated remedies. However, the effectiveness depends much more on the size of the colloids than on their concentration.

You can also easily make your own colloidal silver. Colloidal silver generators are commercially available. However, it is quite easy to build your own. Commonly 27 Volt are used to produce the colloid. For this connect three 9 volt batteries in series (positive to negative pole) and solder an insulated wire to each end terminal. To the other ends of the wires solder an alligator clip each. Buy 25 cm of pure silver wire, .99 fine or purer, 1.5 to 3 mm diameter (from a precious metal dealer - see Yellow Pages), sterling silver is only .9275 fine. Cut the silver wire in half and attach to the alligator clips. It even works quite well with only one nine volt battery.

Immerse the electrodes about 10 cm deep into a glass of water. Use distilled water without the addition of any saline drops. A white mist may sometimes become visible after about 20 minutes. If you do see this fine mist near one of the electrodes, continue for 5 minutes longer. If you use only one 9 volt battery or a 6 or 9 volt DC adaptor you may have to continue for about 1 hour. However, one of the electrodes may become black in the process and may need to be cleaned occasionally by wiping with a cloth. If colloidal silver is made from normal drinking water or with the addition of a drop of saline solution then mainly ineffective silver chloride is produced. The preferred way to speed up the process is by adding a small amount of colloidal silver from a previous lot, or alternatively a drop of lemon juice or vinegar.

After each use rub the black oxidised electrode shiny clean. When making or storing the silver water keep it protected from light as this will precipitate the silver and make it ineffective. Preferably store colloidal silver in a dark glass bottle and in a dark and cool place. For more information on how to make a colloidal silver maker and how to use colloidal silver see http://www.silvermedicine.org or http://www.silver-colloids.com. An excellent Australian site is http://www.colloidalsilver.com.au. However, if you want to buy colloidal silverPromolife.com has great products.

Oxygen Therapies
by Walter Last

Very effective in cancer and AIDS therapy as well as with most acute and chronic infections is professional ozone therapy - usually ozonising about 200ml of blood withdrawn from the patient and then re-infusing it. This method is widely used in Germany and Mexican cancer clinics but illegal in most other western countries. The same applies to hydrogen peroxide infusions.

Therefore, hydrogen peroxide or so-called stabilised oxygen are commonly used instead. The latter is an unstable oxygenated chlorine compound that easily gives off oxygen. The usual amount is 10 drops in juice several times daily, but start with much less and increase gradually. You may combine taking hydrogen peroxide on rising and at bedtime with stabilised oxygen before meals. This is suitable for those who have difficulty to 'stomach' much hydrogen peroxide but otherwise I regard hydrogen peroxide not only as the cheapest but also as the most suitable product for home oxygen therapy.

Another possibility is an ozone generator. Generators for medical or internal quality ozone can be rather expensive, while common ozone generators just ozonate room air and also produce some potentially toxic nitrogen oxides. However a Beck-type water ozonator is available for internal use at a reasonable price. If ozone comes into contact with water then it forms hydrogen peroxide. As it takes some time, about 20 minutes for all the ozone dissolved in water to be converted to hydrogen peroxide, you get a mixture of both if you drink it immediately after finishing the process. Ozone supposedly has the advantage of releasing active oxygen without requiring enzymes in biological systems, although I am not sure that this really is an advantage.

Both, ozone and hydrogen peroxide have an unstable single oxygen that tends to attach to and oxidise or peroxidise any suitable molecule. The beneficial effect in cancer therapy appears to be mainly the peroxidation of unsaturated fatty acids which then may destroy microbes and malignant cells, provided these are not protected by accumulated vitamin E. A healthy immune system routinely produces hydrogen peroxide to kill microbes.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide previously recommended is no longer available; therefore use any 35% product or the 3% (10 Volume) or 6% (20 Volume) peroxide from a supermarket or chemist. Stabilisers that may be present in some of these products are usually harmless.

Best dilute the peroxide for daily use to about 3%. Just add 1 part of the 35% peroxide to 10 parts of water. Start taking just a few drops in a glass of water. Gradually increase to 1 teaspoon or more four times daily before meals and at bedtime. If you develop an aversion against it, just decrease again to a more comfortable level. Swallow quickly instead of slowly sipping. To disguise the strong aftertaste add aloe vera gel and fruit flavours or herb tea or water flavoured with cinnamon.

You may continue this for as long as required and when the infection or cancer is under control gradually reduce the intake to only once before breakfast. In addition, use hydrogen peroxide to rinse your mouth and gargle morning and evening. It helps to prevent colds and other infections and also tooth decay and is better than most toothpaste. You may also use 35% hydrogen peroxide with a dropper; a teaspoon of 3% peroxide is equivalent to about 12 drops of 35% peroxide. Be careful handling 35% hydrogen peroxide, flush immediately with water or immerse in water any accidental spills on clothes or skin.

It is also helpful to bathe the infection or tumour site daily in 3% hydrogen peroxide or better cover it with a cloth soaked in it, preferably combined with a honey pack or mixed with aloe vera gel. Renew the pack several times daily. A pack may be on the site for most of the time or until the skin becomes red or sore and blisters. This will be good as it draw out toxins. When this happens cover with cabbage leaf instead, and wash only with peroxide. Keep the pack in place with plastic attached to the skin with tape. Have a daily body rub with 3% hydrogen peroxide, best after a bath or shower. With cervical cancer or bowel cancer douche several times daily with suitably diluted hydrogen peroxide, keeping it inside for some time, with throat infections frequently gargle with it, with an ear infection soak some cottonwool and gently put in the ear canal.

Of great benefit are peroxide retention enemas. After a normal enema to clean the bowels, insert half a litre of water or diluted vegetable or grass juice containing one tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Try to hold it inside for 10 minutes or longer. The next day add 2 tablespoons; continue increasing the amount of peroxide on subsequent days until you find the highest concentration that you can hold for several minutes. You may also try to increase the volume of water or juice to 1 litre.

During intensive oxygen therapy for cancer temporarily avoid vitamin E supplements which tend to protect cancer cells, preferably also use additional vitamin C several hours before or after ozone or peroxide. Alternatively fresh juices will be sufficient to supply antioxidants. Healthy body cells as well as acidophilus bacteria are not normally harmed by oxygen therapy. In fact, acidophilus bacteria produce hydrogen peroxide themselves to destroy Candida and other fungi.

If you have an ozone maker, you can use it in a similar way as hydrogen peroxide. With a tube you may lead it into water, insert a tube into the rectum (with another shorter tube as outlet to prevent pressure building up inside), irradiate the skin over diseased areas with a funnel or put the body (but not the head) into a bag into which you lead ozone. However, never breathe or inhale ozone, it damages the lungs.

For more information on oxygen therapies see http://www.oxygenhealth.com/ or the book Oxygen Therapies by Ed McCabe.

New Ways of using Hydrogen Peroxide

In 1928 a Dr Simmons believed to have discovered that colds and flu enter trough the ear canal and start the infection process in the middle ear. More recently it has been claimed that colds and flu can be cured within hours by putting hydrogen peroxide into the ears at the first indication of any infection. You first put a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in one ear and when the bubbling stops also into the other. Repeat this a few times at about 2 hour intervals. In addition frequently gargle with hydrogen peroxide with any infections in the head and chest area.

Bill Munro (land@landrights.com) inhaled 3% hydrogen peroxide that he sprayed directly into his throat several times a day. He started at age 69 and writes: "I have found that I no longer have aching muscles, my muscles are now very flexible, bursitis, sore gums, sore throat are relieved quickly, and many other things that I haven't thought of are gone.   I am 76 years old and people judge me to be 60 to 65.   Since I've been using peroxide I haven't been puffing for air as I work.  I have many friends who experienced great things from taking peroxide this way." 

The statements below have not been fully evaluated by the FDA or any government agency as far as we know. Please accept them as informational only and not as accepted medical fact.

Ionized Water
Ionized water works on cancer in three major ways. Because it is a good antioxidant, meaning it has a very negative ORP value (Oxidation Reduction Potential), it neutralizes free radicals (i.e. ROS - Reactive Oxygen Species), making many oxygen molecules available to the cancer cells; either to slow the growth of cancer or to kill the cancer cells. This is done with the hydroxyl ions in the ionized water.
Unlike hydrogen peroxide, which adds oxygen molecules to the body (i.e. they don't already exist in the body), ionized water makes existing oxygen molecules, already in the body, available to the cancer cells by giving them electrons. This actually has advantages because it removes damaging free radicals at the same time.

Ionized water is also very alkaline. Cancer cells do not thrive in an alkaline environment: See Promolife.com for great products and free shipping!

Below is a partial list of diseases known to be affected by electronic medicine:

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)- Caused all or in part by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). 10 year incubation period. Has killed 7 million people so far. HIV invades white blood cells by attching and then injecting its RNA. The RNA is enzymatically changed to DNA to replicate the virus inside the cell. The blood cell then bursts, spilling out all the new HIV to renew the reproduction cycle again (which lasts 1.2 days). The immune system becomes so weakened that the patient finally is overcome by other infections.

Arthritis, Rheumatoid- Results in soreness and stiffness of muscles, and pain in joints and associated structures. Research has revealed its cause as viral.

Bubonic plague- Caused by the bacteria Yersinia Pestis which is carried by rodents and fleas. Early symptoms 2-6 days after being bitten are painful swollen lymph nodes, fever, exhaustion, headache. It progresses to lung pneumonia resulting in 50% death rate.

Cancer- A malignant tumor or neoplasm. Royal Rife identified two microbes that can cause cancer. Since then many other microbes have been identified as cancer-causing. Important warning signals of cancer are unusual bleeding or discharges, a lump or thickening in any area, a sore that doesn't heal, a change in bowel or bladder habits, hoarseness or persistant cough, indigestion or difficulty swallowing, change in size or shape or appearance of a wart or mole, unexplained weight loss.

Cholera- A bacterial infection in the intestines that prevents the absorption of salt and water which results in dehydration and death. Characterized by diarrhea, painful cramps, and tendency to collapse. Transmission is through water, milk, or other foods contaminated with excreta of patients or carriers.

Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS)- A chronic viral infection which causes immune deficiency and chronic fatigue.

Dengue Fever- A tropical viral infection carried by mosquitos. Illness produced ranges from nonspecific viral syndrome to severe and fatal hemorrhagic disease. When hemorrhagic the fatality rate is 5%. Hundreds of thousands of hemorrhagic cases occur yearly.

Diptheria- A bacterial infection characterized by the formation of a false membrane on any mucous surface and occasionally on the skin. Usually accompanied by great prostration. Most cases occur before age of 10. Transmission direstly from human carrier or articles contaminated. Typical is a yellowish-white membrane on tonsils or pharyngeal walls.

Ebola Virus Hemorrhagic Fever- A severe systemic febrile illness caused by one of 4 viruses. Transmitted from infected people. 22-90% fatal. Causes internal bleeding with loss of clotting ability which can result in death.

Flu (influenza)- A viral infection that results in fever, respiratory symptoms, headache, muscle aches, fatigue. Can lead to pneumonia. 20,000 deaths in USA yearly.

Gulf War Syndrome- A CFIDS like sickness that in 50% of cases is caused by a mycoplasma. Other cases are caused by chemical exposure or by other infectious agents. Moderate estimates are of 70,000 cases. The mycoplasma is highly contagious.

Gonorhea- Contagious infection causing inflamation of genital mucous membranes. Symptoms: slow, difficult, painful urination. In females: urethral or vaginal discharge, painful or frequent urination, lower abdominal pain, tenderness in the area of Bartholins and Skenes glands.

Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome- The virus is carried by rodents. The first symptoms are flu-like then progress to difficulty breathing due to accumulating fluid in the lungs. 50% death rate. Acquired from rodents excrement or carcasses. In Argentina in '96 it was highly contagious person-to-person.

Hepatitis- Inflamation of the liver of virus or toxic origin. It usually manifests by jaundice and in some instances by liver enlargement. Fever and other systemic disorders are usually present.

Hepatitis A- Contagious via blood and intercourse. Not chronic (not on-going). No long term liver damage. Symptoms; jaundice (yellow eyes & dark urine), tiredness, low appetite, intermittent nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea.

Hepatitis B- Same symptoms as A except no diarrhea. Chronic. Can also be acquired by baby during birthing.

Hepatitis C- Same as B but caused by a different virus.

Hepatitis G- Same as B & C but only transmittable via blood.

Lassa Fever- A hemorrhagic virus that dissolves organs and causes death by internal bleeding. Its natural host is a certain species of African rat. Symptoms: abrupt onset of high fever with generalized muscle pain, headache, dizziness with flushing of face, conjuctival injection, and vomiting. Hemorrhagic areas of the skin and mucous membranes may appear on the 4th day.

Legionnaires Disease- An infection caused by the bacteria Legionella Pneumophila that results in pneumonia or fever. 5-15% of cases are fatal. 10-15 thousand cases are known to occur in USA yearly. The people who get the mild fever-only type recover in only 2-5 days.

Lyme Disease- Caused by a spirochete that is transmitted by the bite of a tick. Symptoms in early stages are skin rash, fever, malaise, fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain. Treated soon enough it can be eliminated with antibiotics. Transmission is inefficient before 36 hours of tick attachment.

Malaria- Caused by protozoan parasites inside red blood cells. Blood cells are destroyed as a result of their reproductive cycle. It infects 500 million people annually. Chills and fever occur at 48 hour intervals in tertain malaria and 72 hour intervals in quartan malaria. It's transmitted by mosquitos. Incubation period may be 2 weeks or 8-10 months. Symptoms are periodic chills, fever, sweats, pathological manifestations of progressive anemia, splenic enlargement.

Obesity- Caused by an adenovirus in 15% of cases.

Tuberculosis- An infectious bacterial disease characterized by inflammatory infiltrations, formation of tubercles (solid elevations of skin or mucous membranes), tissue death, abscesses, formation of fibrous tissue, and calcification of tissue. Infection is transmitted from infected people, cows, or contaminated milk. Presently the worlds leading killer.

Yellow Fever- A viral disease transmitted by mosquitos. Only in South America and Africa. A vaccine exists but shouldn't be received by people with immune deficiency

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